Friday 16 May 2014

Taxpayers shelling out for horse slaughter in $millions$ in Canada

Pierre Lemieux, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, recently brought to light that Canadian taxpayers funds have been made available to the lucrative Horse Slaughtering industry in the $millions$ despite the fact that the industry runs a huge profit. In fact, on May 14, 2014 Pierre Lemieux stated that, "In 2012, the estimated value of the Canadian horse slaughter industry was $122 million [...] That same year, 17.7 million kilograms of equine products were exported, which contributed approximately $90 million to the Canadian processing industry."

Pierre Lemieux then went on to say that "Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's slaughter improvement program has made up to $60 million available to improve federally regulated slaughter facilities".

Considering that Canada slaughters approximately 89,000 horses annually (about 60% arrive from the USA) and the slaughter industry is generating a proportionately low job quota as Pierre Lemieux's facts tell us, "the equine slaughter industry employs well over 600 people directly in rural Canada" - why should Canadians spend $60 MILLION DOLLARS on slaughter the Horse Slaughter Industry is NOT in a deficit situation and does NOT employ a huge number of Canadians?

$60 MILLION DOLLARS on the SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY WHICH IS RUNNING A SURPLUS IN PROFIT OF $90 million A YEAR needs Taxpayers funds over Education or Health for our nation?

While College and University students could use a break on tuition, the Government spends $60 MILLION on Slaughter!

More than one in seven Canadian children live in poverty according to the Conference Board Of Canada yet the Government is pouring $60 MILLION into the slaughter industry of taxpayers funds.

If you think that $60 MILLION could be better spent than on the Slaughter industry, join us and we will make Change for the better.